Happy Thanksgiving,

I hope you are (like me I hope), shaking off the dark thoughts that were brought on by the way the world seemed to be going off the rails, the way people were saying things that were the opposite of true, and embracing nonsense proven wrong long ago. There is so much work to do, everywhere, and those of us who are privileged to live on through should fit into the harness again, smile and trudge on toward a better world, knowing that here in this country we have more to be grateful for than any other people in history.

Catching up on my thank-you notes this Thanksgiving, I find I am grateful again for the smiles of strangers, the comfort of crowds, the sharing of live music and sports with joy, for the children in school, the open church doors, the old friends meeting for coffee, lunch, dinner or football games, for their handshakes and hugs, for those who never stopped working and for the work ahead, the delight of infants born, the young adults who have the courage to be their parents, the family that remains family, the friends that remain friends, and for the hope that one day the masks will come off.